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Prothotics, manufactures custom made medical Orthotics utilizing a negative cast impression taken of the patient’s feet while the patient lies in a prone position with their feet held in subtalar neutral. This impression is then used to produce a solid positive model of the patient’s feet. The solid model is then back filled taking into account fat pad expansion, callus\spur pockets, intrinsic rear and forefoot correction, etc. The completed solid models are then vacuum formed using 3mm\4.5mm polypropylene\polyethylene thermal moldable composite materials based on the fabrication report. Orthotic technicians then shape the Orthotic devices based on the therapists’ notes. Producing a number of different styles to include: shafer plates, Robert Whitman, UCBL’s with all component parts placed on the Orthotics to include appropriate to cover PPT, vinyl\leather: material pads\bars, callus\spur pockets, toe crests, et ceteras.

We are further committed to the continued research and development of treatment protocols that will ultimately provide you, the client, with the very best results in reducing your primary reported pain and\or discomfort, returning you to as pain free and active life style as possible.

We continue to sponsor research through a number of programs including our Android Gait simulation software, 3-Dimensional laser Scanning Technology and Advanced Manufacturing Technologies. Since inception both Federal and Provincial governments have supported Prothotics\Healthwest.

We continue to upgrade our processing centre and are currently developing products with the use of advanced scanning and manufacturing technologies to introduce new products to the medical community over the next few years, to better care for all their patients needs.

In 2006 we installed a hand held scanning system, of which we are able to directly scan body parts.

In 2007 we installed a technical computer program to coincide with the scanning system that will allow for the advanced design of Orthotics augmented by the installation of our high velocity computer directed milling system.

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